About #unseentrails

About Us

They call us visual and culinary storytellers.

Here at Unseen Trails, we believe in the power of sight and taste to transform our experience of the world. We believe culture can quite literally be consumed and the magic of a city can be captured through the click of a camera. Here, between our eyes and our tongues, the most vivid memories are forged.

The places we have been live on not in kitschy fridge magnets, but in our photograph of that one unforgettable face smiling through the crowd. The flavor of a community is found not in Michelin stars, but in muddled translations of foreign dishes and encounters with strange new spices in alleyway eateries.

Join us in our quest to see the unseen. Urban explorer, food lover, or photography enthusiast, all are welcome to enter into our exploration of the city we love.

No bells. No whistles. Just great food, surprising sights, and the chance to encounter the unexpected.

See. Taste. Explore.

Co-organized by Gulf Photo Plus and Frying Pan Adventures, UNSEEN TRAILS are guided tours that inspire visual and flavourful memories of the lesser known parts of Dubai.