Dubai Desert Conservation Trail - #unseentrails

The main entrance of Times Square Center.


AED 595.00

Sail over the pristine desert sands in Dubai’s largest protected national park

Trail Details

Sail over the pristine sands of the desert at daybreak in Dubai’s largest protected national park, the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR). This exclusive route through the reserve is led by the falconers from Royal Shaheen and our food and Dubai expert from Frying Pan Adventures.*

The Royal Shaheen team of veterans collectively boast 30 years of experience in the DDCR and over 40 years across broader conservation efforts in Dubai and South Africa. Meet the DDCR rangers, photograph falcons on-site and plant the national tree to give back to this inspiring land. Unpack the flavours of the region from a picnic basket curated by locally based Baker & Spice, an award-winning food concept whose four values resonate with the natural beauty of the desert: Local || Organic || Fresh || Homemade. Sample ingredient pairings suggested by our regional food expert, including creamy labneh with organic vegetables and the revered 'black seed' of the Middle East or an exotic twist on a classic PB&J with raw tahini and date molasses. 

As the first dedicated, early morning desert drive of its kind in Dubai, this experience is one with far-reaching impact. We aspire to deepen a traveller’s interaction with the desert, create powerful visual memories, and build ongoing momentum for a community initiative rooted in a deep appreciation of the local ecosystem.

*While we do provide a photography tip sheet from the photography professionals at Gulf Photo Plus, please note that there is no photography instructor joining this experience. 

We'll hydrate you with water and provide a breakfast picnic. We will also provide transportation at the desert reserve itself, as well as from Times Square Center to the reserve and back again.

Those looking for a traditional desert camp experience with belly dancing or an upscale experience. This is an early morning trail focused only on desert landscape, wildlife and conservation.
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595.00 x 1 guest
AED 595.00
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Cancellation Policy
  • 75% refund if 30 days or more before Trail
  • 50% refund if 14 to 29 days before Trail
  • 25% refund if 4 to 13 days before Trail
  • No refund possible if 3 days or less prior to the Trail
Rescheduling requests
  • AED 0 fee per person if 14 days or more before Trail
  • No transfers allowed if 13 days or less prior to the Trail
Maximum Number of Participants: 11

Where are we meeting?

The main entrance of Times Square Center.

Where do we end our journey?

We’ll drop you off back at Times Square Center following the trail’s conclusion.

We start promptly on time! Once the trail begins, we will not be reachable by phone nor be able to coordinate with latecomers.


We’ll provide transport from Times Square Center to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and back.


Book a CAREEM CAR ride to and from your trail by downloading the app at Email us a minimum of 48 hours in advance of your trail to receive your discount code.

By Car

You would not be allowed to drive your car to the desert reserve. Parking is available at Times Square Center.

Please dress comfortably. We will get down from our cars and walk through the sand at certain points, so wear appropriate (closed) shoes! Carry a sweater in the cooler months (Nov - Feb), it gets quite cold in the desert! Sunglasses, caps and sunscreen lotion are recommended. We also advice on carrying mosquito repellent as we step outside by the lakes which are frequented by pesky mosquitoes during certain months of the year. We provide a tote, so don't carry too many additional purses or bags that you'd have to lug around during the trail.

If you are allergic to certain ingredients, kindly know that these ingredients may be used in the restaurants we visit even if they do not feature in our selected dishes. Frying Pan Tourism L.L.C. and Gulf Photo Plus L.L.C. would not assume liability for (1) the risk of cross-contamination with these ingredients nor (2) for any known or unknown allergies. Anyone who books this experience accepts all liabilities associated with the risk of consuming food(s) that may cause an allergic reaction.

Baker & Spice will be providing us with a hamper of picnic-style goodies for brunch in the desert, in keeping with their food philosophy: local | organic | fresh | homemade. Brunch will be a simple yet wholesome and delicious affair featuring regional dips, freshly baked bread, veggies, cheese, boiled eggs, crostata and juices.

While we do provide a photography tip sheet from the photography professionals at Gulf Photo Plus, please note that there is no photography instructor on this experience. The route is ripe with photography opportunities for both enthusiasts and seasoned professionals! We recommend bringing a camera with a fully charged battery, whether a mobile phone or DSLR, all are welcome. Consider bringing an extra battery and memory card, just in case. If you’re using an iPhone, check out apps like Snapseed or VSCO for capture and editing.


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