Market to Majlis - #unseentrails

Main entrance of the Canadian Specialist Hospital in Abu Hail, Deira.


AED 595.00

Experience the bustle of the traditional fish market, followed by Old Dubai breakfast treats

Trail Details

Embark on a visual and culinary adventure at the break of dawn as we weave through the heart of Deira’s open-air market, mere steps from the Gulf’s shores.  Bursting with freshly caught fish, precariously stacked produce and early-rising shoppers, the market begs to be explored while vibrant scenes and sprawling stalls invite passersby to come a little closer.

With cameras full and senses bursting, we will duck inside a cool majlis to share our favorite encounters and photographs over a traditional Emirati breakfast. Sweet, cardamom-scented noodles and fresh, pillowy bread dipped in creamy cheese and decadent date syrup serve as the perfect conclusion to our morning explorations.

We'll hydrate you with some water, coconut water and chai at the fish market, as well as breakfast after our market visit. Anything additional may be purchased at your own cost.

This trail is not for the faint of heart. The Deira market has live, writhing fish at almost every corner. Fisherman are gutting and cleaning fish. It is wet. It is smelly.
Can't figure it out? Give us a call at +971 4 380 8545 and we'll help!
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595.00 x 1 guest
AED 595.00
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  • 75% refund if 30 days or more before Trail
  • 50% refund if 14 to 29 days before Trail
  • 25% refund if 4 to 13 days before Trail
  • No refund possible if 3 days or less prior to the Trail
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Maximum Number of Participants: 12

Where are we meeting?

Main entrance of the Canadian Specialist Hospital in Abu Hail, Deira.

Where do we end our journey?

10-minute walk from the Canadian Specialist Hospital.

We start promptly on time! Please aim to be there 15 minutes before the trail starts. Once the trail begins, we will not be reachable by phone nor be able to coordinate with latecomers.


On foot at the market. We’ve arranged for a shuttle to transfer us from our meeting point to the market and back. Should you seek to use the metro, kindly know that it will not be running when we start the tour, but will resume service when we finish. The Qiyadah metro [green line] is a 10-minute walk from our finishing point.


Book a CAREEM CAR ride to and from your trail by downloading the app at Email us a minimum of 48 hours in advance of your trail to receive your discount code.

By Car

Roadside parking is available near our meeting point at the Canadian Specialist Hospital. Should you choose to drive, please know that there are TWO Canadian Specialist Hospitals in Dubai - please ensure that you reach the one in Abu Hail, Deira.

Comfortable, closed, and anti-slip shoes. Heels do not an explorer make! Ladies, we request you to cover your shoulders and legs to avoid getting uncomfortable stares from the men in the market. Most of them mean no harm, but it helps to stay under the wide-eyed-gaze radar! (Jeans or loose trousers are perfect.) It may get chilly in the morning, so please carry a jacket/sweater. You may want to carry an extra shirt to change into after the market visit, and/or a deo to freshen up and rid your clothes of any fishy odours. We provide a tote, so don't carry too many additional purses or bags that you'd have to lug around during the trail.

If you are allergic to certain ingredients, kindly know that these ingredients may be used in the restaurants we visit even if they do not feature in our selected dishes. Frying Pan Tourism L.L.C. and Gulf Photo Plus L.L.C. would not assume liability for (1) the risk of cross-contamination with these ingredients nor (2) for any known or unknown allergies. Anyone who books this experience accepts all liabilities associated with the risk of consuming food(s) that may cause an allergic reaction.

We welcome photography enthusiasts to seasoned professionals! We recommend bringing a camera with a fully charged battery, whether a mobile phone or DSLR, all are welcome. Consider bringing an extra battery and memory card, just in case. If you’re using an iPhone, check out apps like Snapseed or VSCO for capture and editing.

We might use an audio system for groups over 6 people so you can hear the trail host clearly. Bring along a pair of personal headphones if you have them, else we'll provide a free size.


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