Old Dubai Iftar Walk - #unseentrails

By the chairs in the street-level lobby of Al Ras Metro Station, Exit 1.


AED 595.00

Appreciate the humble spirit of Ramadan in a neighbourhood rich with mosques and traditional Iftar culture

Trail Details

This Ramadan, trek into Naif just before sunset when the congested, cacophonous streets of one of Dubai’s oldest neighborhoods fall eerily silent. Watch as workers and neighbours gather on chaddars lining the sprawling asphalt roadways and all ears tune in to the local mosque. Traffic and business grind to a halt as people gather in preparation of breaking the fast, creating a stunning tableau just before the sun slips behind the horizon and the Adhan, or call to prayer, reverberates through the sky.

Join the gathered locals for a swift iftar and a cup of piping hot chai before the neighborhood erupts with life again, filled with vibrant lights, swarming crowds, and photo opportunities just waiting to happen. With appetites whetted and cameras full, settle down for a closing meal and parting thoughts at one of our favourite, down-to-earth Afghani eateries.

After the evening call to prayer, we'll share water, chai, Iftar snacks and dinner at a traditional Afghani restaurant . Anything additional may be purchased at guest's own cost.

Heat haters! It gets wildly hot (45 degrees C or even more), and we will not be in an air-conditioned environment until dinner time. We also won't be able to drink water until prayer time, which will be an hour and forty-five minutes after we first meet. Those who prefer to not walk long distances - there is lots of walking on this trail at a comfortable to medium-fast pace, with only two sitting stops before dinner. Those who get annoyed with having fellow guests stop for photographs - we will have tons of shutter-loving friends on this trail! Those who prefer logically planned, neatly manicured areas for street photography.
Can't figure it out? Give us a call at +971 4 380 8545 and we'll help!
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595.00 x 1 guest
AED 595.00
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  • No transfers allowed if 13 days or less prior to the Trail
Maximum Number of Participants: 12

Where are we meeting?

By the chairs in the street-level lobby of Al Ras Metro Station, Exit 1.

Where do we end our journey?

At Baniyas Metro Station, Deira.

We start promptly on time! Once the trail begins, we will not be reachable by phone nor be able to coordinate with latecomers.


This trail is done entirely on foot.


Book a CAREEM CAR ride to and from your trail by downloading the app at https://www.careem.com. Look in your email confirmation and reminder emails for your Careem discount code!

By Car

Due to traffic, very limited parking and different starting and ending locations, we strongly recommend that you do not drive to the trail and take the metro instead. If, however, you do wish to drive, please use the GPS coordinates provided.

Dress conservatively. Please cover shoulders and ankles - no shorts please! **Ladies must carry a scarf** to be worn outside the mosque at Iftar time. Wear heat & walking-friendly attire. We advise against wearing tight fitting clothes. Wear 'breathable' fabric and comfortable shoes/sandals for walking. We reserve the right to turn away any guest who is not wearing safe and appropriate attire and footwear. We provide a tote, so don't carry too many additional purses or bags that you'd have to lug around during the trail.

If you are allergic to certain ingredients, kindly know that these ingredients may be used in the restaurants we visit even if they do not feature in our selected dishes. Frying Pan Tourism L.L.C. and Gulf Photo Plus L.L.C. would not assume liability for (1) the risk of cross-contamination with these ingredients nor (2) for any known or unknown allergies. Anyone who books this experience accepts all liabilities associated with the risk of consuming food(s) that may cause an allergic reaction.

We welcome photography enthusiasts to seasoned professionals! We recommend bringing a camera with a fully charged battery, whether a mobile phone or DSLR, all are welcome. Consider bringing an extra battery and memory card, just in case. If you’re using an iPhone, check out apps like VSCO for capture and editing, and Slow Shutter Cam to play with movement and light trails.

We might use an audio system for groups over 6 people so you can hear the trail host clearly. Bring along a pair of personal headphones if you have them, else we'll provide a free size.


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